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Gem Appraisal


Every gemstone is unique and has a beauty of its own and unlike gold and diamonds, no two gemstones are the same. The rarity and other features are the foremost determining factors in assertion of the value We follow a thorough process to ensure the best value being appraised for your precious gemstones. Every step ensures that we have taken all the factors, such as cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the gem in account before reaching to any conclusion. Our appraisal provides you with an Insurance Replacement Value, which is helpful with insurance, and most importantly a peace of mind for you with a safe knowledge of true value of your Gem!


I.G.A.C. Gemstone appraisal services are an independent gemstone appraisal service providing accurate and reliable gemstone appraisals in the USA. We specialize in appraising natural and lab-created gemstones. Our appraisals are based on the latest gemological industry standards and include a detailed description of the gemstone, its size, shape, color, clarity, cut grade, and carat weight. Gemstone appraisal services have a team of experienced gemologists and certified gem appraisers. we are knowledgeable about the current market value of gemstones. We use state-of-the-art technologies such as gemological microscopes, spectroscopy, and digital imaging to accurately assess the quality of gemstones. The reports are completed in an efficient manner and are sent within 24-48 hours. I.G.A.C. Gemstone appraisal services offer both retail and wholesale appraisals. For retail appraisals, our reports are accepted by insurance companies and are used to determine the replacement value of the gemstone.